San Diego Balloon Rides are Romantic and Memorable

There is nothing better than sharing a San Diego sunset with your significant other, except enjoying floating at thousands of feet off the ground in a hot air balloon ride with 360° views of Del Mar or Temecula. Make your anniversary, birthday (see hot air balloon birthday party package), or any celebration extra special with a shared and/or private hot air balloon adventure in San Diego that includes champagne, a cheese and fruit plate and outstanding service from our staff at Compass Balloons.

Escape from it all and enjoy magnificent views while comfortably floating in a woven wicker basket on what is the safest and history’s first successful human-carrying technology. Hot air balloons have been around in the United States since 1783 and now are mostly used for recreation. Feel a piece of history as the burner ignites and the balloon takes off. Hot air balloon rides are the romantic American classics of places to take your date for an extra special outing. If you're struggling to find the perfect date in San Diego, we recommend wow-ing your special company thousands of feet above the picturesque San Diego coastline.

The History of the Hot Air Balloon

The hot air balloon is also the first aircraft of any kind to circumnavigate the world non-stop, a record done by aviator Steve Fossett in 2002 that took him 320 hours and 33 minutes. Not only that, the hot air balloon is also an aircraft that can achieve extremely great heights. The record holder is Vijaypat Singhania who on November 26, 2005, at age 67, took off from Mumbai, India, reached heights of 68,986 feet (13 miles above ground) and 5 hours later landed 150 miles south of the city. But don’t worry, we won’t take you nearly that far up, or for that much time.

A hot air balloon ride over San Diego or Temecula gives you a different perspective of the city that you will not get from skyscrapers and allows you to see the coastline like you never have before. The hot air balloon ride is more than a thrilling adventure, it’s an experience of a lifetime that you will remember forever and arguably one of the best and most unique places to take your date in San Diego.

Book your next special occasion with Compass Balloons and create memories that you can display in the mantle by your fireplace, or in these modern times, show off the pictures in social media and make all your friends jealous.