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San Diego is a fine city with sky scrapers, landscapes and miles of coastline. Whether you've lived there all your life or are just visiting you owe it to yourself to take some time and really appreciate the beauty of the city and its surrounding areas. And you should do it in style. Preferably with a glass of champagne to set the mood.

At Compass Balloons we love San Diego and we love to show it off from staggering heights. We hope you will take a ride with us over the city and appreciate its natural and manmade beauty. Like so much of California San Diego has reason to thank it's tectonic geology as well as curse it. The same fault lines that give it so many earthquakes are also responsible for it's beautiful natural harbor.

Views From Hot Air Balloon Tours in San Diego

That harbor is really an inlet where the land has sunk into the earth's mantle. It's deep, blue and beautiful which of course attracted the US Navy who's ships can be seen from the sky. The San Diego river also runs east to west cutting the city in two. The combination of its natural harbor and this reliable source of fresh water is what first attracted Spanish settlers to San Diego in the 18th century.

You can see how the gorges that run through the city like veins break up San Diego into its various neighborhoods. You can see up the coast line to the North where the waves crash against the cliffs by Point Loma. To the south you will see the long beautiful beaches, home to surfers and sun worshippers.

Beyond the beaches lies the Tijuana River Preserve and the international park. Also to the South and out to sea are the Coronado islands, actually part of Mexico.

North of the city the gorges have been used as places to create scenic golf courses like the Fairbanks Golf Course. There's nothing quite like watching the sun set and the city light up in the twilight as you sale above it all enjoying a romantic evening in a hot air balloon.

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If you are interested in booking a flight you can do so online, simply go to our online booking. If you have questions or would like to find out more you can give us a call at (760) 704-7407 and we will explain all the details.

Taking a flight is more affordable than you may think. For an intimate group flight of up to 8 people the price is $175 per person. If you would like the entire balloon to yourself and someone special we offer private flights for $1,000.

We'll see you in the skies!