Private Hot Air Balloon Tours in Southern California

Compass Balloons is excited and prepared to make your experience with that special someone unforgettable. Not only do we provide a safe and leisurely experience at both our San Diego and Temecula location, we provide complimentary champagne toasts and photos. Commemorative T-shirts available for purchase. If you have a surprise proposal in the works or want to make this anniversary a special one, there's no other way to go than a private hot air balloon tour over San Diego or Temecula. 

Private Hot Air Balloon Tours in San Diego

San Diego isn't called America's Finest City for no reason. With stunning expansive coastlines, a sunset private hot air balloon tour from Encinitas is sure to make an impression. If you are looking for an intimate hot air balloon flight to pop the big question, we recommend booking a tour with our San Diego location for an incredible experience.

Private Hot Air BAlloon Tours in Temecula

A 360 degree view of rolling vineyards in Temecula's wine valley has to be one of the most spectacular views we've ever seen - and we've seen a lot from way up here! If you are interested in booking a private hot air balloon tour for our Temecula location, you are sure to be pleased with the experience of rising with the sun and that special someone. 

When is the best time to fly?

Good news! Hot air ballooning is great all year round. Weather conditions for ballooning are best just before sunrise and before sunset, so you'll have the options to see beautiful views of the morning sunrise during our Temecula flights, and the angelic sunset on our San Diego flights. A great deal of time is spent observing, obtaining, and analyzing weather reports to determine if it is "just the right moment" to go into the air. That way, every trip you plan with us is a safe and unforgettable experience!