There are plenty of fun things to do in San Diego on land and in the water, but when it comes to taking in San Diego by air, one option clearly rises above the rest. Hot air balloon rides are considered the area's favorite tourist attraction in the sky, and sunset balloon rides capture the finest vistas of America's Finest City.

Panoramic Views and Changing Landscapes

San Diego's unique geography features scenic coastline as well as sprawling canyons, mesas and mountains. Only from the basket of a hot air balloon can visitors enjoy such sweeping panoramic views while experiencing overhead passes of the region's diverse and changing landscapes. While floating serenely above America's Finest City, riders get to experience the thrill of the outdoors from the relative comfort of an intimate hot air balloon flight.

San Diego Sunset

San Diego's favorite skybound tourist attraction only gets better at San Diego's best time of day. During sunset flights with Compass Balloons, riders enjoy champagne, fruit and cheese as they float effortlessly with unobstructed views of the San Diego skyline, the watery playground of Mission Bay, Point Loma peninsula, Coronado island, and overhead views of some of Southern California's most exclusive golf courses.
But it's San Diego's beaches the area is best known for, and the stunning ocean views from a hot air balloon ride are unparalleled anywhere. Blue skies and the Pacific Ocean stretch endlessly to a long distant horizon, and any given evening the air itself turns golden, and light clouds become alive with color as the sun sets, shooting electric orange, purple, pink and red across the sky before the last fading light descends in the west.
Given San Diego's gorgeous mix of urban sights, mazelike canyons, coastal scenery, and truly special climate, it's little wonder hot air balloon rides have become a tourist favorite. See out packages Hot air balloon rides Temecula and Hot air balloon rides Del Mar