Hot Air Balloon Wedding in Californias

There’s nothing like a sky full of hot air balloons. During peak balloon season, it’s not uncommon to see dozens of balloons floating overhead in Temecula and Del Mar, creating a festive atmosphere that inspires awe and romance. And when viewed from inside one of those balloons drifting 2,000 feet above the stunning Southern California landscape, it’s pure magic.  

If you’re looking for a unique and romantic wedding experience in California, consider getting married in the sky with Compass Balloons. Here are 7 reasons to have a hot air balloon wedding:

#1. Romance

Most traditional weddings require a concerted effort (and quite a bit of money) to achieve a sense of heightened romance within the venue. But a hot air balloon wedding has the romance built right in. It doesn’t get much more romantic than declaring your love at sunrise or sunset while drifting over Temecula vineyards or the Del Mar coastline.

#2. Adventure

Most couples want their wedding to reflect their personalities and lifestyle in some way. For adventurous couples, a hot air balloon wedding ceremony is the perfect way to add a dash of adventure to your special day and to declare your commitment to a vibrant lifestyle through marriage and beyond.

#3. A perfect elopement

Running off together to get married in secrecy is a highly romantic notion. A hot air balloon elopement will give a storybook quality to the experience as you drift off into the sunset (or sunrise) together.

#4. A unique experience for guests

You don’t have to elope to have a hot air balloon wedding. Instead, have a small group of guests and your officiant join you in the basket and hold your wedding ceremony in the sky. Or you can have your ceremony on the ground and then treat your guests to balloon rides while you and your new spouse have your photo shoot in your own balloon high above the gorgeous landscape.

#5. Stunning pictures

Whether you opt for a sunrise hot air balloon wedding followed by a champagne brunch or a sunset balloon ceremony followed by an al fresco party under the stars, you’ll be thrilled to relive it all again through wedding photos that tell a tale of adventure, romance, and stunning beauty.  

#6. Treasured memories

Like a special song or your mother’s perfume, some things trigger the emotion of specific memories for decades after the event itself. Getting married in a hot air balloon ensures that every time you see one in the sky, you’ll be reminded of the magic of your wedding day.

#7. Easy anniversary ideas

Coming up with special anniversary plans year after year can be somewhat challenging, especially the longer you’re married.  But when you have a hot air balloon wedding, you also have a built-in theme for your anniversaries. Why not use the occasion to experience a hot air balloon ride in a new location every year? Start here for some ideas on where to go next.


Planning a hot air balloon wedding? Come see us in Temecula or Del Mar!

At Compass Balloons, we’re prepared to provide you with a wedding to remember. Whether you prefer a hot air balloon elopement or for two or want to share the experience with a larger group, our staff will do everything we can to ensure that your special day is a safe and memorable.  For more information on hot air balloon weddings in Del Mar or Temecula, give us a call at (760) 704-7407.

Images on this page sourced from a Hot Air Balloon wedding we hosted. Photos by Gabriella Santos Photography. Full gallery here.