A Temecula Hot Air Balloon Tour Will Wow You!

At Compass Balloons we offer rides in the morning and evening to get up and see beautiful Southern California from amazing heights. During the evening we offer Balloon rides over San Diego and during the day we fly over the gorgeous Temecula Wine Valley.

Geography Of Temecula Valley

The Temecula Valley is a designated "American Viticulture Area" by the US Treasury department. The term that doesn't really capture the romance of wine growing,  but poetry was never the treasury's strongest area. What it does mean is that the Temecula Valley name is protected and that the area is distinguished for the superior quality and unique characteristics of its wine.

What is interesting is that up in the balloon you get a chance to see both the astonishing natural beauty of the area and the distinct geography that supports such wonderful wine making.

You can see the rolling hills of the area and the mountains which reach elevations of 11.500ft. Despite its southern latitude the valley also has a number of cooling features in its microclimate that helpgrow a wide variety of grapes. For example the mountains that encompass the area trap mists that can linger until mid-morning up to 1,400ft up the valley. Mists like these are associated with excellent wines as they help the grape develop very distinct character. This is why the Temecula valley produces a stunning variety of grapes. Not just the warm weather varieties you would expectfrom Southern California but also varieties associated with cooler climates such as Riesling and Chardonnay.

 The Santa Margarita river that passes through the valley in a winding route also helps to maintain cool temperatures and provide irrigation.

The mountains do not however keep out the rains. To the east of the valley the hot sun forms areas of low pressure drawing cool moist air from the pacific. Usually mountains would force this air up, depositing rain on the seaward side of the ranges. But the mountains to the West of the Temecula valley feature a series of passes and gorges that allow the humid air through. This provides plenty of rain during the growing season but rarely during the harvest.

The beauty and geography of this wonderful wine region are all there for you to see when up in our hot air balloon. Our guide will help point out the vineyards. It's the perfect preamble to an afternoon of tastings. All of our Temecula flights include as a courtesy a free glass of champagne to enjoy on your trip and a commemorative t-shirt to remember it by.

Book A Hot Air Balloon Flight Over Temecula

There are a number of options to book. We offer flights in groups of 8 to maintain an intimate feeling and allow you to enjoy the flight in comfort. Prices begin at $155 per person. You can book online through our website or alternatively call us at (760) 704-7407.

Another option is to take a romantic personal flight for two. Private flights over Temecula are $850.