The Perfect Marriage Proposal 

The perfect marriage proposal creates a special, once in a lifetime moment to be personally cherished forever. A couple's proposal story, on the other hand, is meant to be shared, destined to live on through years of retelling to friends, loved ones, children, and someday grandchildren. That's why the best proposal ideas capture an ideal romantic instant, framed by an otherwise truly memorable occasion.
Most proposal ideas in San Diego factor in an ocean view during a beautiful sunset, which our gorgeous coastlines offer on an almost daily basis. At Compass Balloons, we offer a way to make this everyday occasion especially memorable, to literally elevate the moment with the heartwarming thrills of a sunset hot air balloon ride.
Few proposal ideas can match the intimacy of a private hot air balloon tour — just you and a loved one floating high above a scenic landscape, sharing a world class view that inspires romantic sentiments and suggests endless possibilities. Even our group hot air balloon tours instill a sense of adventure along with an opportunity to invite friends and family to be a part of the special moment that will be filled with stunning and lively details to punctuate that proposal story in the years to come.

Sunset Hot Air Balloon Rides

All of Compass Balloon's sunset hot air balloon rides in San Diego offer champagne to toast the sunset, and photos to preserve the memory. For a proposal, the champagne becomes celebratory, and the sunset imbued photos a glowing document of a couple's lifetime together. We can even punctuate the moment by producing a bouquet of her favorite flowers at just the right time, by playing a couples' special song — anything to personalize that perfect romantic instant.
Our sunset hot air balloon tours explore the magnificent panoramic vistas along the coasts of Del Mar and Encinitas. But creative early risers might also consider an alternative proposal idea — our sunrise tour over Temecula's storied wine country. The early hour offers pristine serenity over rolling hills for the proposal that says, I don't want to start another day without you by my side.
At sunrise or sunset, a hot air balloon ride over San Diego provides lasting memories without need of special occasion. However, taken to celebrate a birthday, anniversary or reunion makes a sky tour feel all the more meaningful. But perhaps nothing makes that peaceful moment up in the air more perfect than that moment of nerves, that heartfelt question, and a loving couple deciding to spend the rest of their lives together. Anniversary hot air balloon rides