Hot air balloon tours have never been more popular in the US. Virtually every part of the country offers its own uniquely beautiful scenery to make a hot air balloon ride memorable. Here are the top ten places to take amazing hot air balloon tours.

Top 10 Places for a Hot Air Balloon Trip

1.    San Diego, California
The top of the list of gorgeous hot air balloon ride destinations takes us over the golden beaches of Southern California. San Diego hot air balloon tours take passengers within view of mountains, coastline, and the skyline of America's finest city. The tours are capped off with a champagne toast and a dazzling display of lights and colors provided by the region's famous sunsets over the Pacific ocean. It doesn't get any better.

2.    Temecula, California
Epic sunrise hot air balloon tours over Southern California's celebrated Temecula wine valley witness the coming to life of the western frontier. Desert, lakes, mountains and vineyards retain an early morning glow as the sky breaks, casting long shadows that point to the not so distant coast.

3.    Asheville, North Carolina
Hot air balloon tours out of Ashville glide past the Blue Ridge and Smoky Mountains, floating over unspoiled forests, lakes, and rivers. Fall is the best time to visit, when the dramatic colors of Autumn turn the forest into a visual splendor.

4.    Albuquerque, New Mexico
Home to the world’s largest hot air balloon festival — the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta — Albuquerque is a renowned hot air balloon tour site thanks to calm winds and the colorful skies silhouetting New Mexico's scenic horizons.

5.    Lake Tahoe, California
Mountain skylines form a snow-capped rim encircling California's deepest lake, high up in the Sierra Nevadas. The wonderful scenery includes the ridges that make the area a popular ski destination in the winter, and the lake beaches that make it a favorite in the summer.

6.    Letchworth State Park, New York
Dubbed the "Grand Canyon of the East," Letchworth State Park provides the ideal backdrop for hot air balloon rides in upstate New York. The Genesee River winds through massive gorges, breaking over rocky crags to form breathtaking waterfalls.

7.    Park City, Utah
Hot air balloon tours out of the famous home of the Sundance Film Festival offer impressive vistas of the Wasatch Back region of the Rocky Mountains. Expansive mountain and valley views, and aerial views of Salt Lake City.

8.    Napa Valley, California
Northern California wine country delivers on the promise of gorgeous scenery in addition to fine terroir. Rolling green hillsides and elevated lakes frame the beautiful Napa Valley, usually under blue skies and scattered white clouds.

9.    Quechee, Vermont
Historic New England homes and the region's famous covered bridges help hot air balloon rides over the Ottaquechee River leave a lasting impression. Green forests rising up from the river banks lend endless natural beauty to the sumptuous scene.

10. Colorado Springs, Colorado
Sunrise hot air balloon tours over the Colorado Rockies offer superb mountain views and untouched natural backdrops in one of the nation's richest geographical regions. This is recognized each year with the Labor Day liftoff hot air balloon festival.