Hot Air Balloon Tours In The Fall 

Fall is a wonderful time for a hot air balloon tour in San Diego, whether you're looking for date ideas, anniversary ideas, or just wish to take advantage of some of the year's best seasonal conditions. Compass Balloons offers two distinct tours — one a sunset balloon tour flying over Del Mar, Rancho Santa Fe and Encinitas. The other is a sunrise hot air balloon tour over the Temecula wine valley. Each tour offers a spectacular sky-high view of the land- and seascape, plus unique perspectives on local landmarks.
Lifting off for the Del Mar hot air balloon ride, you may catch a glimpse of the world famous golf course at Torrey Pines, as well as the natural preserve where the namesake trees grow — the only such forest in the continental US. On a clear day you may even catch a glimpse of La Jolla's Mount Soledad, known to offer the most all-encompassing view in the county — that is, unless you're taking a hot air balloon tour!
Rising high above Rancho Santa Fe, you may spot the Mount Palomar observatory atop its perch in the mountain ranges in the eastern county, and a serene overview of Lake Hodges where it sits just below the the Elfin Forest.

Date Ideas in San Diego

And what makes for a more fabulous date idea in San Diego than a hot air balloon tour with a panoramic ocean view? Look off to the northwest and you may notice Catalina Island 60 miles away, and to the south of that San Clemente island, straight off the Del Mar coast. Check further south and you may see the rocky Islas Coronados, where rum running boats used to hide out during the Prohibition era.
Alternately, the Temecula hot air balloon tour offered by Compass Balloons makes for a wonderful way to start off the day, and a particularly romantic idea for kicking off a full day of anniversary celebration.

Temecula Hot Air Balloon Ride

This hot air balloon ride floats over the Temecula wine valley, gracefully soaring over vineyards and orchards. This tour offers a different view of Mount Palomar and its observatory, as well as close looks the lakes of Skinner reservoir, and the Diamond Valley. The majestic morning looks of majestic mountain ranges and the valleys between them, revealing themselves from the shadows as the sun climbs over neighboring peaks.
Of course, the greatest views of both hot air balloon tours may be granted by the sun, whether rising over eastern mountains, or setting over the Pacific Ocean. Autumn weather in San Diego creates numerous opportunities for colorful twilight events, with light clouds scattered across the sky to capture refracted rays of the sun at dawn or dusk. In a word: magnificent!