When you're looking to give someone a truly fantastic gift, don't be so quick to dismiss the lowly gift card. There are plenty of great reasons to give gift cards, and here are seven of them.

Great last minute gift

Gift cards are always in stock, so even when you've all but run out of time to shop, a gift card will be available to save the day.

Not going to be returned

An unfathomable $70 billion worth of gifts are returned each year. Gift cards aren't among them. At worst you've given your recipient something that's incredibly easy to re-gift — and let's face it, that's got a value of its own.

Gift cards give recipient a degree of control

You don't have to worry about getting a person something in the right size, right color, or time of day. The gift card basically gives them the opportunity to shop with free money — which people love!

Gift cards convince somebody to try something new

There are three kinds of great gifts: gifts people need, gifts people want, and gifts people never realized they want. The right gift card can be just the push a person needs to get out of the routine. 

You can gift an experience

Sometimes the best gifts aren't material possessions, but unforgettable experiences. You can't tie a ribbon around a great adventure, or put one under the tree — but you can put a bow on a gift card for an adventure.

Because they're easy to send long distances

Heavy or bulky gifts can add up to excessive shipping cots. Plastic or cardboard gift cards will cross the country for the price of a first class stamp. But they don't even need to be mailed. The proliferation of virtual gift cards have made is possible to deliver your great gift to anywhere around the world, within seconds. That's not just a last minute gift, that's a last second gift! 

Because Compass Balloons offers gift cards

Hot air ballooning isn't just for creative marriage proposal idea, it also makes a fantastic gift. Compass Balloons offers gift cards for hot air balloon rides in San Diego and Temecula. Options include a spot in a shared group tour, or a special private hot air balloon ride (that's in case you're looking to give somebody one of those romantic proposal ideas). 

Compass Balloons gift cards offer many of the best reasons to give gift cards: they're virtual, available at the last minute, allow recipients to schedule their own ride dates, and give them a new experience they will always remember.