Soaring to New Heights in San Diego Hot Air Balloons

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As spring quickly approaches and the weather becomes ever–more scenic, the list of potential outdoor activities only grows more exhilarating. Ranking in at the more thrilling side of possible spring adventures, hot air balloon rides have become a popular must for many, especially locally, where San Diego’s breath–taking scenic views are abundant.


California Bucket List

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Here’s your chance to climb into a wicker basket and rise 3,000 feet above Fairbanks Ranch, to stand just below a fire-belching burner (which makes your balloon rise), to see sunset from high up, and maybe even to throw shade onto one of Bill Gates’s houses.


12 of the World’s Most Beautiful Locations for Hot Air Ballooning

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Swiss Alps, the Serengeti, wine country, alpine lakes, deserts. All of these destinations and more are fair game for hot air balloon adventuring. From cruising over ancient city landmarks in Myanmar to spotting wildlife in the Serengeti, the sky’s the limit with these airborne adventures. Here are 12 of the most breathtaking locations around the world you can float away to.


Compass Balloons in San Diego County

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Hot air balloons float over my house most afternoons. So, I decided to send my children (adult) up in one. We chose Compass Balloons. We drove to the rendezvous site in Cardiff. It is a small parking lot across from a gas station. There were two vans with the baskets and balloon gear in tow. The vans gathered the passengers and proceed to the launch site, about a 10 minute drive to a field near Olivenhain. Champagne and snacks were served while the crew prepared the balloons.


Hot Air Balloon Elopement in Temecula

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Unique Sunrise Hot Air Balloon Elopement Inspiration

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You will probably feel like you’re floating on air on your wedding day–and this adventurous hot air elopement is here to help capture that sentiment beautifully. There’s just something so magical and romantic about a hot air balloon ride at sunrise, but I don’t think we see them incorporated into weddings nearly enough. That’s why I was so excited to share this elopement inspiration in hopes that it will inspire you to think outside the box when it comes to styling your very own elopement photos.  And if you’re an adventurous couple, this might be the perfect option for you!