Finding a great birthday gift for those you love can take a lot of deliberate thought — but that doesn't mean it has to! There are plenty of gift ideas out there that are suitable for pretty much anyone. They can be tasty, or plain old useful; they may introduce a person to a new hobby, or merely provide daily comfort. Of course, some of the best offer an unforgettable experience is a having a hot air balloon birthday party.

Custom M&Ms

Personalized candy can be a fun way to go for someone with a big sweet tooth. M&Ms offers custom ordered candies, with two dozen colors to choose from for the candy coated shell. You can even print your own tiny photos, clip art or text in place of the classic M usually adorning the front of the candy. They offer all kinds of packaging as well, including heart shaped boxes, gift bags, glass bowls, and gumball machines.

Moleskine Notebook

If you're looking for the right functional gift, a lot of people will appreciate notebooks. You don't need to consider yourself a writer or artist to appreciate having something light and compact to write or sketch in on the go. Nobody does that better than Moleskine. Their notebooks and journals cover every conceivable size and need: flip-up pocket pads for note keeping, blank page books for drawing, or gridded journals for light bookkeeping.

Bonsai Starter Set

Some hobbies are great because they keep your hands busy, and absorb your focuse. It's tough to go wrong with the unique meditative and decorative mix of maintaining a bonsai tree. Starter kits offer everything you need to nurture and manicure a tiny tree, like pliers, sheers, pruners, and books on how to pursue the Japanese botanical art. Just add a tree or two, and it’s a unique birthday gift everyone can enjoy.

The Softest Blanket Ever

Most blankets make for a pretty boring gift. However, when you present the perfect blanket to cover up with on the couch on a cold night, your recipient will thank you for years. The Softest Blanket Ever line from Baby Jak ( is just such a blanket. Available in different sizes, and many varieties of colors combinations and patterns, these luxuriously soft, yet sturdy and thick, blankets are pricey, but as cozy as it gets. 

Balloon Rides in San Diego

The best unique birthday gifts are the ones that offers memorable experiences, and few things prove so memorable as a hot air balloon experience. Compass Balloon's hot air balloon tours fly over Southern California beaches and deserts, offering the #1 balloon rides in San Diego. The thrilling, Romantic hot air balloon rides show a unique perspective of the scenic landscapes across San Diego and the Temecula Valley. Throughout the year, balloon flights in San Diego are exposed to the breathtaking colors of sunrise, and the spectacular light displays of west coast sunsets. Talk about a birthday gift to remember! Give us a call at (760) 354-8821 or Contact us to book a hot air balloon ride.